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E: He can meet with his father on Sundays. E: - Having set up a contract with Laura to provide care, he is - under an obligation to promote and make good any damage to Laura's property. E: He is obliged to record all activities and keep records of the child's needs. E: The CE has a duty to prepare and make available to Mr A's physician and social worker records about the needs of the child. E: The CE should also obtain medical and dental records. E: Under the Child Care Act 1984, he should provide advice to a parent who asks for the CE to report to the local authority about a child who has died while under his care. E: He should also inform the social worker if the child dies. E: He should not disclose medical information about the child to anyone without the consent of the child's parent or guardian. E: He should keep the information confidential and should not inform anyone outside the local authority. E: A child may not be taken from a CE, in circumstances where there is a risk of abuse or neglect. E: If there is a risk of abuse, he should ensure that the local authority or social worker is informed. E: He should also make arrangements to take the child into care. E: A CE should take action to protect a child under his care. E: He should take steps to protect the child from being traumatised by the care he provides. E: He should take steps to ensure that the child's parents are informed of the care he is providing, and of any risks involved E: He should avoid exposing the child to abusive behaviour. E: When he feels it is necessary, he should take steps to protect the child from the behaviour of others. E: He should encourage the parent or guardian to do the same. E: If the CE is aware of abuse of the child, he should intervene to protect the child. E: The CE should not allow a child to be exposed to an unsafe environment. E: If a child is in danger of harm while being cared for by a CE, he should immediately contact his manager. E: The CE should ensure that his manager and manager's manager are informed of any concerns about the child's safety. E: He should report his manager's actions to the manager




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